[Announcements] [BitShares] Fix for Backend Crash Incident after Malformed Proposal

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Fri Dec 21 14:24:28 CET 2018

Dear subscribers,

On Monday, December 20th 2018 at block height 33,269,099, an incident
occurred on the BitShares network that caused some backend nodes to

Upon restart, most backend machines restarted and replayed to the
current state of the blockchain just fine. However, a few backend nodes
have been stuck with an inconsistent state caused by a proposal.

The Core Team has created a new release of the BitShares core software
that works around the problem and will prevent similar issues in the
future. All nodes are required to upgrade to the latest release tag,


We recommend exchanges and third party providers to update their back-end
to tag 2.0.181221 and rebuild. The following steps facilitate this update:

    git fetch
    git checkout 2.0.181221
    git submodule update --init --recursive

If you are using the official docker container, please allow some time
for the container to be built by the docker cloud.

This incident had some impact on API and backend nodes and caused crashes.
Most backend nodes could automatically recover from the crash and continue
to operate.

During a period of about 30 minutes, roughly 40% of the block producers
had stopped producing blocks which lead to a participation rate of less
than 60%. As a consequence, the last irreversible block (LIB) did not
advance for said period. After crashed block producers had been voted out,
participation rate increased significantly and the LIB continued to advance.
At this point, we would like to emphasise that 3rd parties and exchanges
should ensure they operate on the LIB (by means of the delayed node) as
recommended in documentation.

We would like to reassure that:

   * No funds have been at a risk
   * There were no forks

Full Report
Please find a full incident report on:

Kind Regards
 -- BBF

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