[Announcements] [Report] Spokesperson on Bittrex Inc. and Other Regulatory Issues.

Fabian Schuh Fabian.Schuh at bitshares.foundation
Fri Dec 15 10:50:34 CET 2017

Dear subscribers,

we'd like to make you aware of a report recently released
by the spokesperson of the BitShares DAC. You can find the
full article on steemit.com:


Assuming that we all agree that listing BTS on as many exchanges as
possible results in more liquidity and acceptance of BTS, we made a
strong effort to address the principal case with Bittrex Inc. to the
advantage of our community. Over the last weeks we see, on the other
hand, an increased number of exchanges that list BTS, which is a good
development. Currently we are in conversation with interested exchanges
on more listings.

As everyone is aware pressure from regulators and authorities has
increased over 2017 on the Crypto currency market as a whole, especially
in the United States. On the one hand, due to its increased size, the
spectacular news one can write about it, but mostly from the core task
of these institutions; mayor goal of regulators is to protect the
public, or better, anyone involved with crypto currencies from
misinformation and misguiding. This core task of protecting the public
in the financial markets has not worked out very well in 2008 as we all
know, in itself being a key factor in the growth of crypto currencies,
so it is no wonder there is maximum effort to get at least this newbie
technology under control.

It is a reality that all existing regulations that the world has built
in the financial sector over the last 500 years will not go away and
neither will they ignore the Crypto world. Still, a very tiny part
(however we wish for it to be different) of the total world volume in
currencies, it has already grown into a size that reached a point where
authorities have no option but to pass judgment on every coin, exchange
and market out there. So, they started doing just that.

Being a legitimate company Bittrex Inc. is starting to do just that;
make sure that all their markets are meeting regulatory rules and laws.
Nothing personal, they just did a very thorough job on it with expert
leading U.S. council in this field so they are protected against the
authorities finding anything inappropriate. We rather should say the
opposite, thanks. Because of this process we are in the unique position
that we know exactly where we stand as a community and what we need to
do in order to fulfil the tremendous potential of this highly scalable,
technologically superior blockchain.

Best Regards
Dr.-Ing. Fabian Schuh
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