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Dr. Fabian Schuh info at chainsquad.com
Thu Aug 3 15:40:49 CEST 2017

Dear mailing lists,

the BitShares Foundation is pleased to announce another worker proposal to
the BitShares shareholders.

We are very fortunate to now present a dedicated team that solely focuses
on improving the BitShares user interface and user experience. Most
shareholders and community members already know most of the team and we
hope to see this proposal be approve quickly.

An excerpt from

# Introduction

The BitShares GUI has a great deal of functionality, so much that it can
be overwhelming for new users to grasp. Some users expect it to simply
hold their funds securely and allow for transfers while others require
the full power of the exchange, voting, asset creation etc.

The goal of assembling this team is to better understand the
various use cases for BitShares and, based upon that information,
craft an improved user experience.

As most of you can already guess, this proposal will be facilitated by the
BitShares foundation and will pay only in bitUSD. All BTS collected through
this worker that are not used to pay the team, will be owned by the
BitShares shareholders. ChainSquad GmbH will facilitate the technicalities.

We are looking forward to a flourishing partnership with Bill and his team.

 -- Fabian Schuh

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